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unsecured-loans-fast.com specializes in providing short term cash loans of up to $500. Applying with us is easy, and we can approve you in one hour.

Cash Advance FAQs

What is a Cash Advance?
-A Cash Advance is a short term payday loan when it is needed most…usually between paydays! The money is directly deposited into your personal checking account, then the cash advance funds (plus a small fee) are taken out of your account at the end of the loan.

Can I get an extension on my payday loan?
-Yes! Your payday loan can be extended by submitting an extension request. A fee will be extracted from your checking account to cover for the cost of the extension.

How Long to be approved?
-In only a matter of minutes! Cash advance funds will be available in your account the very next day!

What is the term of the loan?
-THIS LOAN IS A 15 DAY PAYDAY LOAN! It can be extended by simply submitting our extension request I have bad Credit…can you still help me? Yes, we specialize in helping people like you with bad, slow or no credit.

How much can I get?
-The first four transactions up to $200, after that you become a preferred customer and you can get up to $500!



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